Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Spring cleaning brings new models to Feature Radiators

Spring is in the air, so our thoughts don’t necessarily turn to heating, but as summer approaches now is almost the perfect time to perform maintenance on or upgrade your central heating system and radiators. The new season always brings exciting new products to the radiator market and this year is no exception.

Feature Radiators, for example, are particularly pleased with the latest additions they have selected for their range. They are keen to show them off so last week was dedicated to re-vamping the displays at their West Yorkshire showroom; it’s out with the old and in with the new.

New models on display include Alchemy – a range of high output aluminium radiators stocked for quick delivery in 4 funky finishes, Crest – an exclusive, highly efficient and very well priced vertical radiator available from stock in both white and “anodised” finishes and iRad Picture – a practical, slimline electric radiator with a choice of stunning graphic images printed on the front face.

New products coming in has led to a number of older products going out, the suppliers are keen to clearout and as a consequence are offering fantastic deals on last year’s radiators. For instance, Feature Radiators are offering a number of products for sale from their Clearance range that are from brand new stock but now discontinued. Look at the Tubo Minor, Mini Hot Spring and Riva as examples of stunning designer radiators, on sale at hugely discounted prices.

Showroom makeovers also lead to a wealth of ex-display models being available at rock bottom prices, such as Feature Radiators’ Bingley Warehouse Stock Clearout, giving you the opportunity to purchase designer radiators starting from only £50 + VAT.

To see a comprehensive selection of brand new radiators or discontinued and ex-display products, visit the Feature Radiators' website http://www.featureradiators.co.uk/, or better still, speak to their expert team either via phone on 01274 567789 or in person at their West Yorkshire showroom.

*Bingley Warehouse Stock Clearout radiators are for collection only. These items are either ex-display or cancelled orders so must be inspected personally by the customer prior to sale and are sold as seen.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

How warm is your house?

Feature Radiators considers an article written by the BBC that asks the question; should we be turning the thermostats down on our central heating?

“Spring is in the air in the UK, but it will be weeks - if not months - before the nation's radiators switch off. The average indoor temperatures of British houses are creeping up now central heating is the norm, and double glazing and insulation are added to older, draughtier homes.” (Lane, 2011)

The article makes it clear that consumer demand for heating has changed.

“Forty years ago, few houses had central heating, and chilly hallways and spare rooms dragged the average temperature down. Radiators now warm rooms that previous generations wouldn't have heated - corridors, bedrooms, and bathrooms.” (Lane, 2011)

But it appears that lowering room temperatures, or even turning radiators off, isn’t enough to adequately reduce our energy use.

“Dropping it [average indoor temperature] to 16C - the lowest setting in this virtual world - only shaves 7% off carbon emissions. Even if we all get in the habit of wearing woollies inside, this will still feel chillier than usual to most people.” (Lane, 2011)

So what else can we do to reduce our energy consumption, whilst maintaining our home comforts?

“David MacKay, the DECC's chief scientific adviser, practises what he preaches in his once draughty semi-detached 1940s house. As well as adding double glazing and insulation, he has turned the heating right down. He hopes that insulating more homes, smarter thermostats and "the promotion of sweater-wearing by sexy personalities" will encourage more people to follow suit.” (Lane, 2011)

The article makes it clear that energy efficiency gained through increasingly effective technology is key, alongside a good dose of common sense.

“So will smart thermostats and radiator valves help, allowing homeowners to target heat where it's needed at different times in the day? Experts say technology can do only half the job. A smart thermostat is only as smart as the person operating it.” (Lane, 2011)

So get smart. Investment in double-glazing, improved insulation and thermostatic controls will mean an initial financial outlay, but these options can dramatically reduce your carbon emissions as well as your heating bills.

For more information on efficiently heating your home or ways of minimising your energy usage, contact Feature Radiators on 01274 567789, visit them at their West Yorkshire showroom or http://www.featureradiators.co.uk/

Lane, M. (2011). How warm is your home? [Online]. 3 March 2011. Available from http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-12606943. [Accessed: 21 March 2011]

Monday, 14 March 2011

Hot Gossip! - Radiators of the stars

Hot off the press is the news that radiators are the latest topic on many celebs’ lips! No longer an ugly necessity in our homes, radiators have recently undergone a major make-over and regularly feature in the properties of well-known celebrities. Radiators are now also stars in their own right, appearing on many of our most popular British TV programmes.

A certain style icon has been seen eyeing up posh radiators recently, but this spicy lady isn’t the only celebrity to be upgrading the radiators in their home.

Rumour has it that ‘it’ girl, multi-millionairess and owner of net-a-porter.com, Natalie Massanet, has been renovating her luxurious London base with the inclusion of some Etonian cast iron radiators. Jamie and Jules Oliver have chosen the same radiators to add to the warm, family feel of their Primrose Hill property.

Colin and Justin, TV stylists and presenters of 60-minute makeover, admit to their love of fabulous, feature radiators. A premiership footballer opted for particularly “striking” radiators that curl around the walls of his contemporary home. And rock ‘n’ roller, Shakin’ Stevens loves Classic radiators in his Buckinghamshire palace.

A well-known hotelier has installed the latest in electric radiators, iRads, alongside stunning stainless steel towel rails from the Alpine range in their stunning country house hotel. Movie star and model, Saffron Burrows chose suitably stylish electric heating from the Bordo range in her London home.

Celebrities can be demanding; a certain engineering enthusiast requested radiators hanging from the ceiling when sourcing top gear for his home. Interiors expert, Naomi Cleaver, required an unusually shaped towel warmer in green for her latest, particularly personal, project, her new home:

'I located the rather amazing company, Feature Radiators, who are making me a "landscape" towel rail in a sprayed coloured finish at the excellent price of £300'

Cleaver, N. (2011), Naomi’s New Home [online] Available at: http://naomicleaver.typepad.com/naomis-new-home/ [Accessed 14 March 2011]

And its not just celebrity cribs that feature designer radiators, the latest in interior products also have a starring role in many popular TV series.

More than cast iron alibis have been needed in the Queen Vic recently, as cast iron radiators are now also appearing, tying in with the Victorian architecture of this world famous pub. Feature radiators regularly appear in popular interior design and renovation programmes such as DIY SOS, Grand Designs and Sarah Beeny’s Property Ladder. The infamous Big Brother houses regularly showcased the latest in contemporary heating such as a Bench radiator and even Harry Hill’s TV Burp, known for its classic comedy, has Classic radiators on set.

For more information on radiators that grace the homes of the stars, or heating that features on stage and screen, then contact Feature Radiators, www.featureradiators.co.uk, 01274 567789.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Radiators for those with dust allergies

Which radiators should you install to help minimise the symptoms caused by allergies to dust, dust mites or other air borne particles?

If you are allergic to dust, or other air borne particles, then you should avoid installing radiators that work by convection.

Convection radiators circulate air and accordingly will cause dust to be circulated around the room. Such movement of dust will aggravate the allergy.

You are best to look for radiators that work by radiating heat, as opposed to convecting heat, as these designs cause less air and dust movement so are a better choice.

Popular radiators that work by radiation are made of cast iron or stone, so are a good solution for those who suffer from dust allergies. Examples of suitable cast iron radiators include the best-selling Etonian from Feature Radiators or one of their ornate designs such as the Liberty. Stone radiators such as the Marbella offer the ultimate in radiant heat as well as the luxury of organic finishes such as limestone, marble and granite.

Other options to consider are radiant panel heaters, electric radiators or glass and mirror radiators. For instance, Feature Radiators' iRads are a range of electric radiators that radiate heat from the front panel and their slimline, flat design minimises the collection of dust.

Consider the ability of the radiator to retain dust and the ease of cleaning. Flat panel radiators that are easy to wipe down lend themselves particularly to those who suffer with allergies. Have a look at the Dansk Flat Panel or Carat central heating radiators from Feature Radiators, that offer mimimalist style along with easy cleaning.

Also, it is advised against drying clothes on radiators, as humidity can exacerbate symptoms.

For further information on suitable products, it is worth contacting a radiator specialist or expert such as Feature Radiators. Their team can provide practical and affordable yet attractive solutions to meet any specifications and are used to dealing with all sorts of unusual requests.

For more information contact Feature Radiators on 01274 567789, visit their showroom at The Old Post Office, 134-140 Main Street, Bingley, West Yorkshire, BD16 2HL or their website http://www.featureradiators.co.uk/

Helena Gerwitz, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author